The Beer League News

Monday, December 13, 2004

Poem for Sports Fans

Published: semi-occassionaly.
Dateline: Tundra Flats, Canada.

Sometime late this fall,
I heard there was a basketball brawl.
Full of platitudes and short on reason,
still it's early in the season.

On the gridiron warriors battle,
coaches wag and sabers rattle.
Football fills us full of hope,
'till star running back retires on dope.

Eyes of an eagle, reflexes of a cat,
the slugger approaches with his bat.
Records tainted with steroids,
don't they cause hemeroids?

The lockout rages on and on,
while players play across the pond.
Hockey fans will always wonder,
what will be the next big blunder.

Relax sports fans donot despair,
sit back comfortably in your armchair.
Players need to make a fuss,
'cause without these jobs, they'd be driving a bus.